Handmade Center-cafe

Handmade Center_cafe designed with all the necessary tools for modern handicrafts, where there will be tables, work tools, accessories and other equipment for anyone who wants to create souvenirs with their own hands and ideas. For those who have a hobby, want to do manual work, don’t know what to buy, don’t have the tools, or need the help of an experienced person Also for those who do not have the time and resources to attend special design classes. The counter will be a social enterprise, free training for the disabled, and exhibition of their work. The entrance to the counter will be hourly, paid master classes and tutorials will be organized. Later it is planned to open an exhibition hall for exhibition_ sales and to organize tourist excursions. The counter is the first of its kind. It will bring together handmade lovers who will come together for a cup of coffee or tea, try to express themselves, create, devote to a favorite hobby and share the company and mutual support of those with similar interests.


CEO founder Ani Harutyunyan